Hakkuna Matata…

Sometimes, to much isn’t enough.
January 29, 2009, 4:41 pm
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Ever feel like when you care to much, it still isn’t enough for people. No matter how much you try, how much your there, or what you do, it just isn’t good enough?


It’s time for change. For me. For the person I’m going to start looking out for. For the one that won’t say it’s not enough.


Holy Crap!!!
January 26, 2009, 4:22 pm
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It’s been like almost 3 months since I have even graced these pages with any type of post. I apologize. I have been super busy with work and then working on sleeping to stay caught up for work. 

For those of you that haven’t been in the loop with me lately, I’ll help you out:

-I have been going really steady at work at Dutch Bros. Coffee now since June and loving every second of it. One of the best companies I have ever worked for hands down. I have been working like 5 days a week and sometimes even get up to 6. It’s awesome. We just opened a new stand out in Oroville, Ca. Not that any of you know where that is, but whatever. My blog. 🙂

-I also have decided to skip out on a semester of school this spring semester to try to figure out what I want to do with my life. My heart hasn’t been in school in a very long time and I feel as if I am just wasting time and money going every day to not do well. Currently I am looking for another path to go down with that. 

-My family is just getting over a stint of having an exchange student living with them and he leaves the 31st of January. Pretty neat thing they did and it was fun the times I did get to spend with him, though it wasn’t much because of my schedule up here in Chico. 

-I know a lot of you have been hearing me rant about wanting to do more with music, but it really is true. I keep trying to find some loop hole in my life now that will allow me either space or a group of people to just play with and have fun. For now, playing guitar by myself in my room is rather dull sometimes. 

-Most will know that my roommate, Mr. Gumpy will soon be adding a Mrs. Gumpy to his side. They are set to get married end of February. Should be sweet. I have to find a tux… Anyways, I’m excited for that and it should be a good day. Also hoping to have a roommate so that when it comes time to pay the rent, it isn’t such a big check. 


But yea, thats kind of my life in the last couple of months in a few paragraphs. Pretty hectic and to think, school isn’t even a part of it. 

I’m hoping to maybe write here more. Honestly, I think about it every time I see my updates through emails, I just never seem to actually write anything. 

Hope all is well.