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Mid Terms Today.
October 14, 2008, 2:16 pm
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Yes, yes, this daunting episode in every college students life that he or she dreads. Luckily, my name is Bryan Smith and I haven’t had an actual midterm test for two years in college. Apparently my professors just don’t see it fit to test us. The only midterm I have this semester is to show up and attend a “midterm meeting” with my english professor. Should be interesting. 

I was supposed to have a research proposal today, but between work, our internet being out, and the lack of motivation that I seem to possess, I will be explaining to her in words what I will be researching. Wish me luck. 

On other terms, how have you been?


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My question is, how did you post this with the internet out?

Comment by BryanG

by calling and talking to three different people, wading through the crap they gave me, and finally arriving at threatening to talk to a manager to help them see that, oh, yea, i guess they can turn our internet back on.

Comment by bryan2

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