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June 16, 2008, 1:22 pm
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So, I started working at Dutch Brothers coffee not to long ago. I’m loving it. I’m helping train a guy right now, but after that, I will be the main night guy. Which should be fun. Nights are chill out there. It is a slight bit of a drive, but its a better job and far more hours than for the job I was driving the same distance before back in Woodland. So keep your fingers crossed that things continue to go well there. I love it. I am also going to be looking for another job shortly, once I get my hours squared away. 

I have also been contemplating the thought of trying things differently. I haven’t been your top-notch Christian lately, just due to having the last two Sundays call for me elsewhere. And I know going to church doesn’t make you Christian, its the relationship, but it does help me out to have someplace to go if that makes sense. And to top that, most night Bible studies are at, well, night, so unless I find something on one of my off nights, then its not going to happen. Hopefully something will show up. I want to get back into leading worship, like for youth group. I miss that. I miss the old youth group back home. I know Cody and Jamie are doing a super job in helping those kids there. But I miss it. I miss my boys. But good things come to an end sometimes. 

And last but not least, I want to say sorry for being so out of it lately. My mind has been elsewhere, hoping, wishing, maybe even praying a little bit that somethings would change, but as it fairs so far, things haven’t and I’m about to give up hope. Not completely, cuz that would be foolish, but enough to be able to try and begin to move on. It will only make life easier. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them. Although, if they did, I would learn to do a flip, cuz then I would flip for joy…. Lame line…

Yea, so anyways, hope all you dads, soon to be dad, or grandads had great Father’s days. We had a good one. Out for now. Peace. 


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I just wanted to encourage you in this time in your life – ya I know you feel bad because aren’t going to church and you do know that it doesn’t determine you being a Christian… I just want to remind you it’s a growth process and this time in your life is where you’ll really start figuring out how you and God work together. As to the job, see I knew things would work out… Just keep moving along with Him.

Comment by Jenn

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