Hakkuna Matata…

Last night was dope.
June 1, 2008, 5:55 pm
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Punch the Clock melted some faces as well as most of the other bands. Pretty sick little venue, pretty small, but roller skating/blading was included. I didn’t in fear of breaking something. And I didn’t feel like spotting an extra e bucks for blades. But oh well. Good time for sure. Make sure to check them out at their myspace here. Give em some support. Bryan 1 was trying to get some of the set recorded if not all, but I guess the system wasn’t working like it could have so we were out of luck. I was on photographer duty and got some nice shots. You can check em out when they get put up. Also like three others were snappin ‘graphs and I’m sure will send them to put on their myspace. Got home late, but like I said, last night was dope. 

On the way home, we got in a little discussion. I’m gonna see how people respond on here. See what you think. Here’s the topic. Who would you go see live first? John Mayer or Jamie Cullum? Some of you may not know who Jamie is, but fear not, I have been looking for some sweet videos and found some. Oh, and I forgot to mention, tickets are $75.00. So which one would you spot that much for? I said Jason Mraz…

Here’s Jamie live at Blenheim Palace. 

And here’s John live. 

(and uh, so he might be playing with Eric, but still, its JM live. Enjoy)

So make your decisions and let me know. Peace. 


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