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Dang, I slept well.
May 31, 2008, 2:00 pm
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It’s about a hour and a half after I wanted to wake up this morning, but I got really good sleep last night. Which is good, cuz Bryan and I are on the road again today. Heading to San Jose for ‘Punch the Clock’s’ debut show. I’m pretty excited. These guys have been working hard from what I hear and have gone through some struggles to get the ball rolling. Hopefully this will give them some exposure. I was asked to do some art for them, but haven’t honestly sat down to draw anything out but hopefully soon I can get them some designs. It what I want to do further down the road, be able to design for bands logos, web sites, etc. So anyways, tonight should be fun though. Long trip. But thats how we roll. We will be in Woodland for maybe two hours or so, I think we are having an El Patio craving so hit us up and come hang out. 

And for those of you that haven’t heard I got the job at Dutch Brothers. And I’m stoked about it. Its a bit of a drive, but it will be worth it. Grand opening is in exactly a week and I can’t wait to bring the Dutch Love to the small town of Orland. 

But thats it for now. We need to get on the road. Have a good day. Peace. 


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wow life sounds like it is going well for you. congrats on your new job, i know you will have a lot of fun there.
I love the sound of what you want to do in the future. I have always thought it would be fun to make logos for bands too. Have fun at your show.

Comment by Brianne

Dude! Getting down on some El P without me.

Hook up some soggy taquitos or something. ;o)

Video log? Here’s to hoping =D

Comment by Augie

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