Hakkuna Matata…

A lot of stuff…
April 17, 2008, 11:54 am
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So as of late, I have had a lot to do and try to get accomplished and it has felt good to be so busy. But I’m ready for a party, a let loose, have fun, chilaxing type of party. Sound fun? Here is a list of what I have been working on:

– Continuing going to school. (Only three classes now)

-Finding work, continually going to places and asking if they will hire me. 

-Getting a ton of Art done for class, I have a ton of work to go to make Folio. Should be interesting. Anyone got a good big project they need done? Wiling to pay me to do it?

-I have another Art project, working on reconstructing a historic piece of art in the next 15 days or so. 

-I got three songs to write and have music to in a month. I like deadlines, but sometimes, they can be evil. 

-I have work this weekend, hopefully last weekend for this. It has been a nice little side job. 

-I have to do some more work for my business, hopefully this weekend if all goes well. Getting the ball rolling is the hardest part. 

-Need to take care of a ticket. 

-Need to go to the doctor for my thumb I think. It’s gotten worse. 

-Checking out a church this weekend, that should be fun. 

-Oh, and finals are coming up as well. So I’m all kinds of excited. 

-And you know, sleeping, eating, and working out fit in there somewhere as well. 

So I have a little bit on my plate to get done in the next like three weeks. Pray for me. Should be a fun end to the semester. Being a poor art majoring, music playing, jobless college student adds a certain thrill to living life. Peace. 


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