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So a little update, and a up-lift.
April 7, 2008, 1:57 pm
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Most of you probably know, when you dont have certain things, it makes other certain things really hard. Right? Well, nod your head yes, cuz it’ll be true if it isnt already. As of late, I have been without job for probably the longest ever since I was like 11. It isnt me, usually I am always having a job. But I have been without, which in turn, makes living quite the chore with no income. Having only barely enough for the month. 

But God has been good despite me being poor. Some how, in some way, whether it be small, or big like this month, He comes through and provides. Some times its a food basket, or a meal or something, or a gift card. Something, some how to make life a little easier and allow me to breath and know I wont have to worry about that. This month however, I had the best. A good good family friend called me up and said, hey, I got a job for you. Not only was it paying job, since I seem to be lacking on one of those right now, but it was a landscaping job. Not many of you know, but a while back, my major was going to be landscape architecture. So this was cool, cuz now I have a job and its something I like to do. Even though weeds are never fun, the landscaping job is fun. 

Oh well, just thought I would drop in and provide a little update since I have been sick this whole last week, and still have no voice today. But also a little uplifting. I was talking to a friend this morning, and we got to talking about how God never puts anything in front of us that we won’t be able to handle. True story huh? Peace. 

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Yay that is really great! sounds like a fun job, you get to be outside and the weather has been really nice recently. When do you start working?

Comment by briannemendes

I started a couple weeks ago, but should be finishing this weekend.

Comment by bryan2

I’m paying double rent right now. I completely understand.

Comment by Jen

Double Rent??!! ouch, that is no bueno.

Comment by bryan2

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