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Help Wanted
March 26, 2008, 4:27 am
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So as of lately, I have been in a rut with life. Not like things are going bad, I mean, I’m not complaining, things are pretty good. But it’s with things right now in my life that have been nagging at my heart to get right, and I have been struggling with them. Again, not badly, just I don’t want to slip any further. Like money, and a job right now, I need one badly, and school, I am starting to feel myself slipping there, and most important, church. I haven’t found it in me to be able to attend whether it me not being home early enough to get up for it, or not being in town, or something, I am just finding reasons. I don’t want that to be the case any longer. So yes, tis true, help wanted. Push me around and help me stay focused. Thanks ya’ll. Peace. 

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Well it’s hard to say – job and money is one thing – those I can’t really offer advice on – though you have mentioned your like for Starbucks – ever consider working there?

As to school – well I think we all have our moments there – I’m still working on it – and I’ve stopped counting how long I’ve been in school, though it is my second degree. Take a break, look at it differently, study somewhere different or regulate your schedule so that you can feel like things are being accomplished – for example study until 6 and take the evenings off – but actually study until 6 or whatever works for your schedule.

As to the church thing – I think you are coming to realize what most university/college/young adults come to realize whether directly or indirectly – your faith become defined apart from regular church attendance in that you are being forced to grow now – there are no regular youth events or what have you to keep you occupied with movies and flashy programs – maybe it’s time to just invest yourself in a small group where you can attend regularly and then go to church when you can for the larger participation in community or change churches altogether. I’ve done both at different times and found both were influential on my growth as a person as well as a Christian.

Regardless of what I’ve suggested just take peace in knowing there are seasons in life, and maybe this is one of those awkward growing stages… unfortunately I know that’s not what you would want to hear.

Comment by Jenn

No, no, anything is helpful. Thanks for the advice.

Comment by bryan2

hey brian. I blogged about this today. http://spencesmith.typepad.com/spence/2008/03/swimming-out-of.html

i also wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog and that i linked to your blog! I was wondering if you would link back to mine. spencesmith.typepad.com

take care and check out my post…i get in a rut too…

Comment by spence

College was crazy for me, I almost flunked out of my first year. I didnt pass the basic biology class until i was in my 4th year. I even took beginning painter as a senior (5th yr)

College for me was when i learned to roll with the punches.

Comment by rlh27

haha, nice rollin with the punches is exactly how im rollin right now.

Comment by bryan2

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