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Been Awhile…
March 17, 2008, 11:45 am
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tub.pngSo sorry I said I was going to get back into blogging, but I really searched, and nothing came to me like hey, share this. But things have been going great. Life is wonderful. Really is. I mean, I could use a job, but other than that, things aren’t in any way going bad. A little update, I have been owning in school this semester. Just taking it to Butte this semester. Been looking for a job when I can. Hoping something will be out there. Been working on a lot of music lately, and drawing a lot. Trying to think and figure out where I want to end up in the next couple years of my life. It’s hard when I have my goals and things I want to do with my life, but I have people I care about and love telling me it’s a waste of time and will get me no where. Telling my dreams, my ambitions, my wants and desires will amount to nothing and that I should focus on making as much money as I can. Now I don’t know how many of you out there are college students, or were at one time, but to me, being a college student definitely teaches you that things are possible without tons of money. I mean, now I’m not to the point where I have to live off of pop tarts and Ramen, but there is that sense of urgency like, oh yea, no more parents cooking, no more gas money from them, no more extra stuff every once in a while. Never been a man to take hand outs unless I really needed them, and I have always tried to structure myself to pay it back to people. Tried to make myself realize money ain’t everything, but it helps. (Yes you English majors, I said ain’t, woops) But I have things in my life planned out, what I would like to see myself doing and I know that money is gonna be sketch. I also know that whenever I was really in a bind, God has always provided. Now I haven’t been able to wake up for church because of nights like getting home at 4 in the morning, but I really want to work on that. It’s gonna be my Saint Patty’s Day Resolution. Any of you make resolutions that you have forgotten about and want to make a new? We can make em here. But as for today, I’m getting ready to head out to get some things done today. Spring break this week, so perfect time to do some “spring cleaning” for myself, maybe the apartment to haha. Hope all your guys’ days are awesome. Peace. 

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reading your post reminded me of what people said when i was in college. I got my BA in Studio Art. not exactly a money maker. maybe graphic design would have been better for me but i didnt like the professors. (they were lame)

The whole money thing has always been weird to me. I dont know how but ive always had it. im not rich but i can pay my bills. there was a verse i remember about if God takes care of the birds than how much more will he take care of us.

have fun on spring break.

Comment by randy

By any chance do you know what verse that is? I will look it up, but I have been thinking the same thing, you know, God watches over a lot of things, he has got to have a big watch on us.


Comment by bryan2

Im pretty sure its Matthew 6:26

i had to look it up. its been a while since i heard that one, but it always rings in my head when i worry about money.

Comment by rlh27

It is, i just looked it up. Wow, what a great verse. Really hits home.

Comment by bryan2

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