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Do they wake up wanting to make it difficult?
March 5, 2008, 1:59 pm
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You know, as a guy, I won’t lie. I see a cute girl, it catches my eye. Gets me thinking, you know? What’s she like? Does she think I’m at all attractive? Does it matter? Is she taken? Is she a wild girl? Big time party girl? Do anything except go to church kinda girl? Or does she? Does she read the Bible? Does she know who Jesus is? Is that John Mayer on her iPod? What does she think about music? Does she play an instrument? Better than me? Can she play sports? Better yet? She like them at all? Would she go for a sports fan like myself? Does she have tattoos? Does she smoke? I hope she doesn’t. What’s her view on life? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Wonder if she likes peanut butter and jelly sand-witches? 

Thats just to name some of the things that go through my mind as I see a cute girl walk across my path at any moment during the day. Guys, if your reading this, you know what I mean, unless, well lets face it, your taken, or yea, we won’t go there. And it just so happens that, if they are single, it seems that all they  do is mess with your mind. Flip their hair, smile just enough to acknowledge, but not suggest a thing, act like they aren’t interested, whether they are or aren’t, you can never tell. Since I learned growing up girls are the ones us men should lift up an honor in our lives, the ones we are supposed to be dedicated to, pull out chairs, open doors, help, respect, love and nurture, I have been trying to figure out how to do that, yet they can be so darn difficult to read. 

Ladies, if your reading this, maybe you have some insight, but how do you do it? Act like your not interested yet still be interested? Don’t you realize its hard on a man’s mind since usually all we have to fill it up are sports, cars, testosterone surges, and occasionally a funny commercial on t.v. that we can understand.  You have to give us some credit and dump the playing hard to get deal. We don’t have the super power to see through your evil ways. All guys in favor of girls wearing some sort of sign to help us better understand. 

Last night I had studying to do and unable to work at my apartment with the party next door, I lingered down to the down town Starbuck’s. (yes evil empire) This is what I see, let me paint you a picture. Walk in the door, to my immediate left there are two girls, Bible’s open, heads bowed in prayer. Cute. One drinking a tuxedo. I think wow, awesome. Always awesome to see. I keep walking to the counter, up ahead on my right, a group of three girls. Cute again. All chatting. Bible’s closed, but definitely the topic of discussion. Tea’s all around. On the left, Mr. So-Hairy-Should-Shave-Back man drinking a strawberries and cream. Wait, you didn’t need to know that. It actually like took me a second to comprehend the fact that there were five girls that to me, are gorgeous. Spending time in the word, fellow shipping, and having some inclination as to who the Creator if the Heavens and the Earth is. Hot stuff!!

Well, I continue on to the counter, still baffled, and order up my drink, and go to take a seat. Now I have never had this happen, I mean, and I’m no coffee connoisseur, but the tuxedo I ordered was bitter. So after setting my stuff down, I walked over to the condiment table to grab some Sweet n’ Low for my bitter beverage, and to my luck, one of them approaches me. You know me thinking, he an opportunity, trying to be confident as possible, I turn and say the first thing I can blurt out, “Gee it’s crowded in here, tough to study when it’s so loud.” Her response, “Yea.” Mine? A fumbled sound that resulted in me grabbing my Sweet n’ Low and darting back to cover behind my books. Doofus. I can’t believe it. “Yea?” That’s it?

Exactly what I’m talking about. What’s that supposed to mean.Girls, maybe you don’t realize how hard it is for a guy to go out on a limb and talk to you. I nearly grabbed my stuff and left with my tail tucked between my legs in fear of being the circle of conversation, “Hey guys, that guy is weird.” I could hear it played over and over in my head. But right as the cold sweat broke out, they got up to leave. I wiped my brow and continued studying. 

So what is it? Why am I so bad? Or is it guys in general? I’m all ears for any suggestions or ideas. Or am I just the only socially awkward one with the opposite sex. Anyways, just some thing I had I wanted to share. Peace… 

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so that is really funny, because you never had any issues with me. you can go out there and not be awkward, you just gotta think about them as wow they’d be cool to meet, don’t think all the other things, thats what makes ya so nervous, you’re an outgoing guy with a heart, and very handsome. Be confident. You’ll meet the perfect girl for you when God says it’s time. In the mean while just focus on getting the rest of your life in order.

Praying for you friend.

Comment by Felicia

Ok, so you are being WAY harsh on girls. Yes, it was hard for you to make the first move, but think of it as it may have been from her perspective- Wow, cute guy, he made the first move and I’m too dang nervous to think of anything interesting to say! I can see this girl internally freaking out, wishing she had something to say and that she wasn’t so nervous and here you are criticizing her for the same thing you want girls to think of when they judge guys. What if she felt like such a fool after not having anything to say, and felt like you gave her the brush off by not trying again, that she went back to her table and asked her friends if they could leave because she was so embarrassed? If she was so intimidated by you that she left ‘with her tail between her legs’? Just something to think about… It’s no easier for girls to talk to guys than it is for guys to talk to girls.

Comment by Michelle

michelle- ok, it wasnt like that. her response was worded, or sounded, like it was a yea, like get out of my way so i can grab a straw. so thats why i made the assumption, and from what i could tell, made the right one.

Comment by bryan2

Ha! Kind of an entertaining read there, and it makes me thankful to be married so I don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff anymore.

Maybe you should become a monk or something.

Comment by Casey L.

my thought: most girls love to have a guy just talk to them. it gives them a little confidence. i think that girl is just stuck-up or like what Michelle said she was just nervous too. she should have known that you could say something to her, i mean she was standing with in two feet of her, its just polite. she could have waited to get her sugar later if she didnt want a confrontation. any way to the point: i dont think you did anything wrong, you didn’t say anything awkward or insulting.

Comment by Brianne

casey- maybe, but i hear that those guys get way lonely. plus, i dont think i would look good in robes my whole life. imagine, a 6’4″ monk.

brianne- lol, im hoping she wasnt turned away by what i said, im just wondering why its so hard to read and then figure out what it is and how to say it withouth having to call a crane in to remove my foot from my mouth.

Comment by bryan2

That’s the beauty of it- you don’t have to look good in your robes because you wouldn’t marry anyway, and robes are really comfortable.

Comment by Casey L.

I think I’ll have to defend the girls now.
By don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with what you said. I’m not gonna scream at you for saying all that you did, you just have to understand that there is so much you need to know. And yes, there are some girls who are just mean to guys like you thought that girl was. But there are several explanations as to why she may reacted that way, other than she was begin rude.

Some girls don’t like to express when they feel even a little attracted to a guy. Or maybe it’s just me. Well, some people don’t like to seem too obvious in fear that if they do put themselves out there, the other person won’t feel the same way and they’ll scare them off. She may not have wanted to start a conversation because she’s scared that you didn’t really want to have a conversation with her, but only made a mere comment about the noise level. Especially since you were at the condiment table, not the best place to have a full out conversation. Also, she may have been nervous and had nothing else to say, like someone else said.

Again, I’m not saying that your assumption was 100% wrong. What you said could be true. But thinking of the other options will help you feel better and keep girls from scolding you. Haha.

Comment by Raquel TWG

Very true. Very true.

Comment by bryan2

starbucks is not an evil empire! the coffee was bitter cuz the shots(espresso) expired hah.sux for you..your parents came into my work the other day…akward…

and sorry to say but maybe you should have asked what she was studying..you know made conversation..didnt seem that hard when we were in high school for you to talk..actually..i lied you were shy…buttt dont let that get to you..some girls like it..and dont go into something looking for a relationship…just be friends and it will come to you when God wants it to happen!

Comment by Sara

sux for me? how so? the bitter shots? yea, those were bad. but i have had worse.
and as for the girl, she knew what she was doing, and it hurt, it truly hurt…ouch. major ouch.

Comment by bryan2

Don’t worry Bryan.

You’re God’s gift to women. If I were gay, I’d be all over you.

That chick must’ve been lesbian.

Comment by augiefash

thank you augie, you make the world a brighter place with your wise words of wisdom. your like a miniature buddah, covered with yo-yo’s.

Comment by bryan2

how are you to know if she knew what she was doing..maybe she was shy….did she walk up to the condiment bar to get something…was she passing by…or what..how did she say her response..how was she standing..all this stuff could help to decide how she was feeling…

Comment by sara

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