Hakkuna Matata…

First Exhibit. Check.
March 3, 2008, 7:50 pm
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So today marked the end of my first exhibit where I actually had to present my work that I had been doing and try to make sense of it to other people. Rather embarrassing since I don’t like to show my work. But this professor is trying to break all of us of that, which I’m being very stubborn.But today was the tail end of a tedious process almost as painful as pulling teeth from a crocodile. Ok, maybe a really angry crocodile. Not only did he want us to show each piece we have done, but there was also a point where he graded it, and then critiqued it in front of everyone while there are so packed in around to see that you feel like a sardine at the bottom of the fish barrel. Walking around a publicly and constructively criticizing our pieces for each person. Did I mention that today is the third day straight? Oh yea, today was the third day straight. But its done now at least till the next time he wants us to show.You can see some of my pieces on the Flickr account he encouraged us to start for our pieces. And I will be uploading when I can, so check up on them. And comments of any kind are more than welcomed.  So yea, other than that, I don’t know. Hows your day going? You know, those awkward questions you think of when you can’t think of anything to say…. But you people are awesome. So I’ll quit with the awkwardness and leave ya with the Trip-D’s. I got an idea for a new one. But since I have like five now, I need a new name. Any ideas? Let me know and have fun. 

 Food of the Day: I’ll be up front. I got Naked today. And it was amazing. O.J. Made with 9 oranges and 700 mg or potassium. Yum. 

Song of the Day: I’ve been humming the Come on Eileen cover by Save Ferris. Amazing song. 

Cool Person: David Ruiz for passing me in Art. Thank You. 

**New** Blog of the Day: I know he’s been here before. But he’s back. Joshua White over at loveisthemovement.com. Go check out the sweet candids he captured. good stuff. 

**New** Video of the Day: 



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