Hakkuna Matata…

They got it right…
February 28, 2008, 5:16 pm
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sp_a0183.jpgFirst time ever that Starbucks (evil empire) has gotten my name right on a cup of mine. Yea, pretty awesome. I told the guy that the training had paid off and I gave him a dollar tip. Any of you guys have stories about Starbucks getting things right after that little training session they had? I’ll even fill you in with the Trip-D’s for today.

 Favorite Song: I was totally bumping Santeria by Sublime in the car, twice. Great song to just drive to. 

Favorite Food: I got down on some gnarly sushi last night. It was great. A whole platter plus with a couple shrimp cakes. I’m hungry again now. 

Favorite Person: The barista, or baristo, what is it if it’s a guy? But yea, like I said, he spelt my name right. And we all know thats the only way to spell it. 

Favorite Blog: Obvious choice here. loveisthemovement.com. If you hadn’t noticed yet, or hadn’t been reading which I see some haven’t, I have been guest blogging over there while Mr. Joshua White is on vacation…. lucky guy. But yea, go over and check it out.


As for me, I’m out. Gotta a lot of music to listen to and sleep to catch up on. It’s the freakin weekend baby. Movie night Saturday, our place. Be there. Peace.