Hakkuna Matata…

February 24, 2008, 4:10 am
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 So recently I received an opportunity to guest blog at a fellow blog-mates site, loveisthemovement.com,  and I have to say, I’m pretty pumped. Make sure you are checking it out often. I won’t be the primary “blogger”, but I will have a couple posts up. I’m sharing duties with a couple other people and even the “biggest loser”. Yea. should be good. So go over and check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks a lot. Now for the trip-D’s:

 Favorite Song: Today’s song is from good ol’ Rodney Atkins. I have been on a bit of a country binge lately and his song “Cleaning This Gun” is awesome. Makes me think of how I’m gonna be when I have a daughter. 

Favorite Person: Erica. Inspiring Aca and Patch, thank you. It was a good night. 

Favorite Food: Carne Asada burrito from Aca. Hands down. 

Favorite Blog: Go over and look at Carlos’ blog and his new series, Throwing Rocks at my BooDady. Its great. 


So yea, off for the night. Peace good people. And check back for updates over at loveisthemovement.com.