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February 19, 2008, 10:40 pm
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photo-28.jpgSo I have been reading up on the bloggers as they came back from the trip and Shaun Grovesposted a blog about how he wants people to tell their story of how they adopted a child through Compassion International. So I thought I would give it a whirl. 

Around this time last year, a couple fellow bloggers (Emelia and Bryan) and I went to see Shaun Groves in Auburn, California at a church showing he was doing for Compassion. It was a great show, I mean its Shaun, always a good show, but it was great that he also gave a message as well. If you have never gotten a chance to listen to him speak, try and get a chance, its just awesome.

Anyways, at the end of the show and the message, and after listening to him and the stories he was telling of how much this organization changes lives, I was convinced.  The ushers were walking around handing out random packets of the kids and when he got to me he asked me, and with out hesitation, I took the packet from his hand and opened it to see little 6 year old, Jonathan Alexander Sibrian. I don’t know what it was, if it was just the Holy Spirit reaching in and slapping me around, but something was telling me that I needed to help this child. 

So I went to the back and signed the rest of the information and within 10 minutes, I became the sponsor for Jonathan. It was an incredible feeling. As I was standing by the counter of the sea of faces, Shaun came out into the lobby and began to mingle. I was able to chat with him and just get some encouragement that this program really does save lives; it really does create a sense of ease in this child and his family. And all I was giving up was 32 dollars a month. Something which wouldn’t be hard to come by. 

Months went by, letters were sent to me, and I just knew that I was doing something to help someone, and it made me feel like a better person. Not sound conceited. It just did. Well a couple months later, I received a letter from Jonathan and his family and the Compassion staff saying that Jonathan was no longer in the program. That he had been taken out by his mother. This came as a shock to me. At the time, finances were getting tight and 32 dollars, even though it doesn’t sound like a lot, was hard to come by for a college student supporting himself. Then Compassion called and told me the news which I had already received and they said it was my choice to choose to continue or not.When I got home one night after about a week of thinking about it, I went on Compassion’s website and was glancing over the different kids that were without a sponsor for x amount of time, the ones that had been without the longest. I came across a young boy, from the same country as little Jonathan, El Salvador. He is a year older than Jonathan and his name is Aldair Ricardo Diaz Echegoyen. And I thought, this is the kid. This is who I am going to try and support. 

And to this day, even after moving out on my own, having to pay for school, food, and shelter, this kid has remained in my life as something to humble myself with. I have his info on my bulletin board and every time I glance at it, it reminds me at how much we have every day. And how much my 32 dollars a month means to these kids. I’m looking into sponsoring another little girl from El Salvador as well, but I haven’t been able to due to the lack of job right at the moment.

So if your reading this, I mean, I know its long, but this is so worth it. What can you give up that is 32 dollars a month. I know the average American spends roughly 35 dollars a month of soda drinks. Could you cut back on some? Just think about it and know its for a good cause. These kids need our help. Save a life today.  

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You rock amigo. Keep it up.

Comment by emeliaj

Gracias, gracias.

Comment by bryan2

Hi, I found your post through Shaun’s blog and was delighted to find another El Salvador sponsor! I am the blessed sponsor of Dalia Azucena Arevalo Zometa, now 15 years old, from El Salvador. I don’t think I can make this year’s tour of El Salvador, but they seem to have one about every 2 years. Maybe we’ll meet one day on our way to that country!

Comment by Stephanie

I’ve also been keeping up with Shaun’s blog. And because of his trip/blogging, I decided to sponsor a little girl from Uganda. Neat, huh?

Comment by Jen

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