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What should I do?
February 5, 2008, 9:22 pm
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pyramid_magician.jpg ital_ruins.jpgistanbul_university1.jpg crfroggy.jpg So today in class, an opportunity presented itself to me. Well, four to be exact. The college I go to, Butte College, offers a study abroad program and they sound extremely interesting. The first, and I have linked to the itineraries for each trip to each of the four pictures above; but the first is a trip to study the Mayan ruins. It would be a cool trip for fourteen days. The second would be to Italy for about 21 days. All through the ancient Rome and the ruins and such. Lots of art there. The third, Turkey. Travel all through Istanbul and Izmir, which would be amazing. All the Greek gods. The fourth, the one I am really thinking about doing, would be a semester long study abroad in Costa Rica. This is one that would last for around 8 weeks and I would be hands on in the culture. Four weeks with a family and then the last four weeks with three other guys in an apartment together. The trouble is, getting the money before the time to register and then go, two, deciding which one to go on, and three, when, the first three are over the summer, and the Costa Rica one is next spring. So, there, help me decide. Thanks. Peace.  


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OMG ~ get on that plane to Costa Rica my friend. If there was ONE thing I could do over in my life I would have traveled around and trust me I would NOT do anything else except for that. So PLEASE go somewhere, but that would be my vote A: it is a long enough of a trip for you to actually settle in and learn the culture B: You can always go and “visit” the others when you are rich and famous!

Comment by Louanne Lohman

If it were me, I’d do the Italy one (even though I hear the b.o. in Italy is brutal). I would really want to visit the Lateran church, where Martin Luther prayed his way up the steps and started to realize that the whole Catholic indulgence thing was a sham. Plus, a lot of people would speak English. After that, in order of preference, I’d go, Costa Rica, Turkey, and then Mayan ruins (but that one would probably be way down on the list).

Them’s my two cents…

Comment by Casey L

I agree with both of ya so far. It’s a toss up between the two. Ant this is even if I can save up to go. It would be a sweet experience. The only draw back to these trips, there is no “spiritual growth” expected from them. It’s for the public school, but I agree with casey, seeing the churches and cathedrals would be tight.

Comment by bryan2

Costa Rica bryan!!!!!

Comment by nikki

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