Hakkuna Matata…

January 6, 2008, 3:35 am
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So today I had to come to the conclusion, that I might have to give up my baby. Though it pains me. We have been through a few tough times. But we have gotten through and still remain faithful to each other. Spent a lot of money through this relationship and it was never enough. I loved her. She was just what I needed getting out on my own and starting college. But today, I realized I couldn’t go on anymore. After about 6 hours of work this afternoon, I know now I have to get rid of her. So if anyone wants to buy a Toyota 4Runner, let me know. But most likely I will sell it to a pick-n-pull lot to save my self the hassle of DMV. I had the entire bottom of her undone and apart today and still couldn’t seem to be able to make her purr like she once did. But you know the saying, “All good things die.” Or you know, something like that. I am truly saddened, but it is definitely time. So come tomorrow, I will be looking for someone else that wants to try and make her purr like she once did. This is a difficult time for me. So baked goods and such are good to send. If you need my address, just ask. Thanks for all who are reading this. I pray you hold onto those close to you. God Bless. 

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wow is all i can say you are nonsensically dumb. haha i read that outloud to my mommy and she laughed. poor kid you.

Comment by laura

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