Hakkuna Matata…

I’m Full!!!
December 14, 2007, 1:41 am
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Oak-a oak-a, so I didn’t actually eat anything to be full that way, but I am filled with joy that these past couples of weeks have been great. I am finished with school and I think I am going to pass all the classes I am still in haha. I met a pretty stellar girl who is off the chain. It is officially Christmas break and I am excited for break. Gonna be a lot of fun. Got a party coming up to, should be sweet. But yea, so I am full up of joy. Blessings ya’ll.  


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Sounds like life is pretty great! you know what? you make MY life great. Stay you, cause i like you being you. 🙂

Comment by feliciasmiles

Being me is what I do haha. And I think I do a pretty stand up job.

Comment by bryan2

Stand up job? hum… Like in a comedy club you’d do great. hehe just kiddin hon. you do great.

Comment by feliciasmiles

haha, thank you thank you, ill be here all…well, my life haha

Comment by bryan2

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