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Long weekend. Good times.
December 9, 2007, 12:47 am
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This weekend is slightly half over, and it’s been great so far. Had a blast last night through this morning at A.J.’s party. Big guy is 21 and welcomed it with n open liver haha. Na, it was a fun night, hanging out with people I haven’t seen in a while and especially people that I haven’t seen since like second grade. It was awesome catching up on old times and bringing up memories over booze, smoke and loud music. Totally didn’t expect to see those guys there. But it was good. Got to bed around 4ish after making sure people weren’t gonna be dumb haha, making things a little smoother for miss Laura lol. But anyways, now that my boy is 21, we get to plan for mine haha(in Chico). Well in a like 10 months haha. Still say we should have gone streaking with “Frank” haha.  BUt like I said, this weekend is getting going and house plan tonight, spreading the word about becoming better leaders. Good stuff not gonna wanna miss out on this people. But maybe a little basketball afterwards with the guys or a movie. Who knows. And then tomorrow it should be fun, dinner for A.J.’s birthday with our families. On mine, he and I packed down almost four pounds of steak in two nights, I think we can break it haha. Maybe… but it has been fun. How has yours been? Whats new in the life of the good people of the blog-o-sphere? Have a great and safe weekend. 

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