Hakkuna Matata…

Nonsense on 99 (Episode 1)
December 2, 2007, 7:33 pm
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wowzeerz!!!!! that was basically amazing!! very nice video guys…im lovin the will smith!! hahaha

Comment by nikki

i hear that if you look up “10 minutes of your life you can never get back” in the dictionary, this video instantly starts playing. i’m not sure how it works, with a dicitionary being a book and all, but it’s true.

even so, it was good to see the boring old northern california scenery. i miss it in a lot of ways, actually. that probably seems weird, but i do.

Comment by Casey L

oh jeez oh jeez.. you boys the B^2 such crazyness. i love it. for sure um i definitely think you should maybe work on the lyrics to songs you dont know hehe. but keep up the entertainment.

oh and im angry with you for not even bein like hey im in town. thanks thanks. haha.

Comment by laura

“10 minutes of your life you can never get back” isn’t something you should be worrying about looking up, unless, you have not much to do, which might be the case. this is sheer brilliance.

Comment by bryan2

how dare you say i don’t have much to do!

okay…maybe you’re right. i’m a loser. (cry)

now put up another video–i’ll watch it! like i’d do anything worthwhile with my ten minutes anyway.

by the way, i think the lyric you keep forgetting in “eye of the tiger” is “…stalks his prey in the night…” but i could be wrong. i guess i could double check it online, but i won’t.

Comment by Casey L

haha, yea, it was on the fly and when you think about it, there are more words in that song than just eye of the tiger haha.

Comment by bryan2

ok first off you stole christina’s and my thing! we record our selves in cars singing/doing nothing. You didnt even credit us for the idea. Christina says “LAME!”

second: you better watch out for that little guy over in robbins. he is crazy! you really pissed him off lol.

Comment by Brianne

well, tell him to stand on the side of the road next time we are driving through. we will stop and say hi.

and im sorry, i dont think it is “your” thing, when you sing and do nothing in the car. i should show you the videos if i had em from high school, or mexico, or any trips with cameras. check the patent, i think you will be thoroughly displeased.

Comment by bryan2

oo fine! but i posted them first lol.

i dont talk to that kid, but you can tell him to stand by the side of the road next time. maybe you guys will some how hit a hole in the road and swerve and some how hit him on your way to say hi, lol

Comment by Brianne

haha, now now, we can all get along. we just have to ask ourselves. who made it look better? and i think you might agree…..we, we did. we’re gonna be famous. haha.

and i wouldnt want to hit him. that would be mean.

Comment by bryan2

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