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One man can do so much
November 16, 2007, 12:58 am
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This guy is my hero. Shaun Groves has been an inspiration to me, ever since I began listening to his music and taking to heart what he talks about. I have been reading up on his blog and every time i feel encouraged. Sometimes more than others, but htis man is out there winning hearts for God. He is using the gifts God gave him and to me, that makes him a person to look up to. I can only hope to become a glimpse of what this man is.

Recently, he went over to Ethiopia to visit. Shaun is an artist that is highly involved with Compassion International. Which I have talked about before. Anyways, he jsut recently made a trip over to Ethiopia to visit the country, learn more about the center over there, and last but not least, meet one of the kids, he and his wife are sponsoring through this program. I watched the video he made and was just in shock. I wish someday to be able to travel like that, for that purpose to spread the word of God. In the Bible it says, “For we are a light unto the world, and light should not be hidden.” (Roughly paraphrased) This guy is doing it. He is making things happen. He is out there like I said. So check out this video he made from Ethiopia. And tell me that you aren’t touched in the slightest way.

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