Hakkuna Matata…

Home Sweet Home.
November 10, 2007, 9:39 am
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So this weekend has been great. Loads of fun, memories, great times, good food, and it will all be capped off by my baby bro’s first grand march. I’m excited. Last night, was awesome, an amazing show. Skanked the night away. Until i got hurt, but awesome none-the-less. Today, or yesterday as i write this, was awesome, ran some errands, tried working on the 4-Runner to get her up and running again, she’s working, but I gotta get her street legal. And then maybe to Chico we will go for the first time together. Should be grand. Tonight was tight, went and saw the in town rival face off beneath the brights. Woodland High won, as i figured, Pioneer’s varsity team this year, well could have been beat by WCHS’s football team this year. But it was fun, saw a bunch of kids i haven’t seen in forever. And then after the game, that was awesome, got to hang out with my boys. I miss those guys. Bobby, James, Josiah, Barry Junior, and of course, my bro. Balled it up at the Rec Center. But yea, ans tomorrow, or today, as i said, as i wirte this, should be awesome as well, get to go down and watch Brett try and pull it off to make Varsity at Pioneer. He has been working his face off for this. But gonna go see that, get my ears lowered and then, and then lol, i get to go see him walk down the carpet at his very first Grand March for WCHS’s Fall Formal. See all the guys all dressed up. Gonna be grand…hah, weird. But as for now, me and my eyes are gonna do a little things called sleeping. Goodnight all. 


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