Hakkuna Matata…

The Morning After.
November 9, 2007, 5:23 pm
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So besides waking up this morning with a huge headache and a tender ankle; last night rocked my socks. Bryan 1, Cameron and myself went over to CSU Sacramento and got see a very amazing site. Yes, not one ska band, but two of our favorite. Flip the Switch, a local ska band from Elk Grove whose dream was to always play big time with big bands. These guys grew up listening to the band they played with last night, and basically learned and were inspired by the band they played with. The band they played with was called Reel Big Fish. This band has made it big, been places where FTS wishes to go, and most likely will go someday. Its awesome to see young and old up on stage throwing it down as they did last night. FTS came out brought the house down, which we all agreed was there best show by far;  a little motivation by playing the RBF? I can only imagine so. This is the second time i have seen either or these bands, and it was completely worth the $ 20 and the drive back from Chico a night early. Unfortunately i kinda had to sit out early on account of some wild elbows but like i said, wasnt bad, still got to witness an amazing site. Its going to shows like this, where you realize ska is not dead, but more like the only music out there today still willing to stick it to the man and not go lightly. The security jerks down front were kicking people out that had all access passes, and not only were they mocked, but Sir Aaron, the leader, called those pansies out and followed with one of my favorite song, Your Guts, I Hate ‘Em”. It was awesome, you got about thousand angry ska fans that werent being able to rock out to heir show, and the guy on stage is the one saying screw the guards, although i may add, he had a slightly dirtier mouth than I haha.  Check em out here. And show support to the local band!      Flip the Switch  Reel Big Fish 


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