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New Day has Dawned
November 8, 2007, 3:17 am
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Today was a good and bad day.

As you might be able to tell, i got my new laptop today. Wth which i will be trying to do more things for my major, graphic design. I spent most of the day today just toying with my new toy. It has the new operating system with it, Leopard, it was just realeased, so im pretty excited about that, i also ordered it with the LogicExpress program, which will let me do more with music, which is really fun for me right now. I have been writing some music lately. So hopefully, maybe, quite possibly, there will be some songs up soon.

The bad part of the day, like i mentioned, i had a test in history tonight. I didn’t realize and i wasnt able to prepare. It wasn’t hard, it was about the World War II, so i know a lot about hat subject. Not only that, but in my classes right now, i need to catch up, i have been seriously slacking off. I need some prayers, or if you feel neccesary, a quick hit to knock some sense into me. But i have quite a few projects to get done for my computer class, and a paper to write for my history class. On which i have no clue about what to write. So a little stress is yes, definitely with me right now. Kinda scary, i know these classes dont mean anything, but i really dont want to do horrible in them. My parents wouldnt be to happy.

So all down to the point, i need ot get on the ball and finish strong for school. And you know if ya feel liek it, any kinda of encouragement would be loved. I seem to have been lacking motivation this semester and i know it isnt right. So i am devoting myself to school this semester…finally. And hopefully next semester, when i get signed up for classes, i will have more of a heart for school. I am seriouasly throwing around the of maybe, not saying i will, but maybe quitting school for a while until i get a source of motivation. I dontknow how it will go over with the whole family, but i cant be expected to do awesome in school if i cant put effort into it. I seem to have no effort to give almost. like i would be completely happy with working, and making money. I have an opporunity to possibly work for PG&E so if that happens, then it might be a thing i look into.

But…yea, today just has been a day of realization and confrotation of myself from myself. So im done screwing around and lacking motivation. School, well aty least for this semester.


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I’ll help you out B2. If you don’t quit slackin off I’ll come to chico and beat you with a metal chair okay???
no need to thank me cuz that’s what friends are for right home dogg? haha
you’ll have to show me the laptop it sounds sweeet

Comment by Josiah

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