Hakkuna Matata…

Dude, lets go to the park…
November 5, 2007, 6:10 pm
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Yea, so what, being lame never was so cool. And when your bored at 10:45 pm, you need something to do, so the park is a swell idea. This weekend i came went back into Woodland for a couple days to hang out with some people, good times. Miss chil-laxing with them boys. But regardless, it isn’t cool to be hanging out in the park late, and then be sitting there, and watch not one, but two 5-0’s drive by, and spin around and park at the end of the park…. especially when curfew for the streets is like 10:30, and i know this, having already been ticketed for previous events, like a revenge prank, but we won’t go there. But we split, it was funny, i don’ think Barry or I wanted a confrontation with them guys, especially with them presuming we were only there to burn that park down, cuz thats what other lame kids do. Naw, we enjoy our roots,  getting insanely dizzy, breaking trees, and the thrill of the park, at night. OOOOOOO. haha.

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