Hakkuna Matata…

Been Awhile…
October 30, 2007, 12:45 am
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So i finally got my computer fixed. It broke onme, and i had to haggle with Dell to merely tell me what might be wrong with it, stinking tech people on the middle of now where. Gosh. Stress? Yes.

But, finally i have a computer again, and am looking into purchasing a new one.  Its a new MacBook Pro, and i was finally won over when i learned Mac’s new operating system, OS X Leopard. I decided to go with apple also because with my graphic design major, i needed something faster and more cutting edge. So i converted. My new toy should be here within a week.

On the school front, eh, not really feeling it, shouldn’t have taken classes i really didn’t care about, but i need some credits for the stinking insurance.  But yea. So school is school, and im bored with it, i need a challenge, like Chico state…hmmm. Definitely transferring A.S.A.P.

Work….eh, lets not go there, well lets. I had like two interviews last week and one where the guy was like telling his manager to hire me, so the possibilities now are: Lowes, Applebee’s, and RadioShack. So keep your prayers coming and your fingers crossed.

But other than that, i just felt it had been a while and had been told so by a couple people. So im back, on my piece of junk, until my baby arrives. Should be a glorious day. No more lagging!


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