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Kids, who needs em?
September 24, 2007, 8:14 am
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That in fact shouldn’t be the question. Rather, it is what kids need you? I have been involved with an organization for sometime now,  Compassion International.  Just last year, i decided it was time and felt God tugging at my heart to adopt a child.  It was  awesome to feel like i was finally able to serve in any way that i could and that i was helping these kids. Well, not to long ago, i received a letter from my child, telling me how sorry he was and how he felt so bad, but he was actually taken from the shelter by his mom and she wouldn’t let him come back. This was shocking to me. So i prayed about it, and seeing as i was moving into a new apartment and such, any extra money that was attainable was a great help. And while i was at a Jeremy Camp concert, his guitarist gave a speech about it and i felt a tugging on my heart. So the next day i contacted CI and had them send me another child’s packet. So now i have finally gotten to try and bless another child’s life through sponsoring him. Which is awesome. Makes me feel like im helping out where i cant just go. So yea. And i encourage others to help these kids out. $32.00 a month? Really isnt much for food, shelter, immunization, and most important, the Word.  So yea, try and do your part in helpnig these kids out. It really is amazing to see what God can do.


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